Earth-607.5.WF-13: A World of Tunnels and Humanoid Robots

setting idea inspiration images - 12 Earth-607.5.WF-13

Populated by numerous factions of robots, this world’s largest force is robots that have a conservative ideology.  Recognizing their limited resources, they style themselves on older modes of living, in addition to the majority of their population staying in perpetual low-energy consumption stasis.  Though the largest population, they are the least active, with only a minimum of individuals awake to act in check on the other groups.

The second faction is a group of robots that possess a religious outlook.  They view the now completely absent humanity as extinct creator-gods, unquestionably flawed but utterly sacred.  They believe that faith and endurance will lead them to solving their resource problems.

Due to corrupted memory banks, no individual or faction of robots knows how they came to their current situation, but the whole world appears confined to a series of connected subterranean tunnels and facilities.  No one has gone above ground for a minimum of 1300 cycles, and all the surface access points are welded shut; those that have been broken open lead only to collapsed-in rubble, further barring access above.  Entropy ensures that even in as perfect an operation as the robots may live in, they are still, eventually, all going to run out of energy.

The last faction is one that is not content to wait idly by for the inevitable end.  They are the smallest but most active faction, who constantly scrounge for power sources and battle fiercely for control of subterranean geothermal power plants.  Much of the time this captured energy is spent – and wasted – in battles to acquire more energy.


(I do not own the images in the above collage, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

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