Earth-525.5.WR-3: The Reassembled Cities of Warped Space and Parkour

setting idea inspiration images - 11 Earth-525.5.WR-3

About 3 years ago reality broke apart but then coalesced back together wrong.  Space and distance, direction and gravity, all became jumbled.  This resulted in shortcuts in warped spaces and angled gravity wells, causing cities to become a convoluted mess to navigate.  In time most people acclimated.  Others thrived.

Some people came to possess an innate understanding of how to navigate the newly warped spaces.  These so-called pathfinders developed a sixth sense for detecting direction and proximity to things they’re looking for, such as exits, objects and destinations.

Among those that thrived best in the newly changed landscape were practitioners of parkour and free-running.  Through experience they can acclimate to sudden shifts in gravity and perceive when on their path the next shift might be; with mastery they develop an ability to temporarily alter their personal gravity.

Pathfinders who master this gravity-shifting magic of parkour develop the power of wall-running.  While considered an athletic skill, scientists studying the break in reality consult these pathfinders to study places where the world seems especially twisted and dangerous, hoping to discover the cause.


(I do not own the images in the above collage, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

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