Earth-505.6.SL-25: A Solarpunk Earth of Augmented Reality

setting idea inspiration images - 15 Earth-505.6.SL-25

In the 1970’s the United States and the other countries on Earth came together, seeing the need to act on the impending climate catastrophe.  With dramatic changes to the world-wide energy economy they not only averted world-wrecking climate change, but they created a more equitable globalized world.  The most obvious transformation led to cities built, from the ground-up, into sustainable communities on a large scale.

In addition to the widespread proliferation of solar panels and wind turbines, culture and even fashion changed.  People spend time outdoors in spaces cooled by the shape of the city itself, with public parks becoming popular meeting spaces.  Gardens are common, and usually managed in cooperative systems that provide everyone with locally-grown produce.

Renewable energies rose alongside another technology: augmented reality.  Through fashionable glasses or advanced contacts, social media data and other information is visible on public channels in layers.  For many people the extra layers of information are insightful to the point of being essential, while for others it indulges the hobby of persistent curiosity.

As to be expected, urban spaces have also been designed to incorporate more greenery.  Beyond house plants and parks, vertical gardens or window boxes, the overall vegetation density in any modern city is such that the idea of bare concrete for a city is seen as backwards and depressing.


(I do not own the images in the above collage, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

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