50th Post and Hiatus

So this is my 50th post on this website. It feels like a milestone! I’ve been updating roughly once a week for a while, as the few of you who frequent my website may be aware. However, the truth is that lately other things have been demanding my attention (work, life, etc.), and rather than writing short fiction for the website, I’ve mostly been keeping the schedule through posting a back-log of older content, which has largely run dry.
Since it’s a self-imposed schedule, I’ll be taking time from posting to Hundreds of Worlds for a while. I have stuff going on that are higher priorities than the site, and I need to take care of those things first. I do want to thank those of you who have frequented the site throughout this time – you’re the ones I write for.
After this hiatus, which may be about six months or so (unless things change), I want to restructure the site. What I have in mind for future content doesn’t really work with the blog-post format, so you may periodically see minor or major changes to Hundreds of Worlds over time. Consider the site under renovation.
I have things I want to share with you – hundreds of worlds of short stories, artwork, reviews on constructed worlds, stuff for Pathfinder and Starfinder, home-brew campaign settings, and more. I love constructed world building as a hobby, and this website lets me show you what I’ve made. But they’re not going to be up on a weekly basis.
Not for a while, at least.
– John R. Canter

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