Art Post

This is a picture of Tobias Albino.  Nearly every player has fond memories of their First Dungeons and Dragons Character, and Tobias was mine.

He was a wizard, built in the old D&D 3.5 rules before our dungeon master converted us over to Pathfinder.  Yes, the wizard, the trickiest class for new players to learn, was where I started.  He initially had no specialty, but because of his familiar, a talking raven named Gort (and yes, that’s a Day the Earth Stood Still reference), he started to focus on bird, air, and lightning magic; hence the flying carpet.  He was also the only character I ever got up to epic levels, level 17 of 20.

Tobias Albino

Made in Serif Draw Plus, a free vector graphics program.

I would like to hear from you! Do you like art posts? Do you have critiques or suggestions for future art? I would love to read your feedback and criticisms – just enter your comment in the Leave a Reply section, and I’ll gladly consider them for future posts.

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